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Lenna Kong

Junior Law Clerk

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Lenna is currently a P1 candidate and has been serving as a Junior Law Clerk at Eyitayo
F. Dada Law Professional Corporation since January of 2023. She is deeply involved in
her community, engaging in grassroots projects and community initiatives. Her previous
community work includes organizing park clean-ups, volunteering in extracurricular
programs at low-income area schools, and coordinating drives to donate to shelters for
displaced individuals, youths, and at-risk victims.

At Eyitayo F. Dada Law Professional Corporation, Lenna primarily oversees office
administration. Her responsibilities include managing correspondence between parties
and clients, drafting, preparing, and filing court and legal documents, handling legal
accounting and billing, and creating and storing client files and legal memorandums.
She is guided by strong morals, maintaining a strict sense of confidentiality and trust to
protect counsel-client relationships. Lenna is incredibly passionate about the work done
at Tayo Dada Law, and anyone who calls will be greeted warmly by her.